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frequently asked questions

  • What should i know about latex balloons?
    Our Latex Balloons are biodegradable which means they oxidize over time. Our COLORED Latex Balloons become matte and our CLEAR LATEX BALLOONS will become cloudy within 5 – 12 hours, depending on weather conditions and if treated with HI-FLOAT. Please make an effort to recycle your balloons once used.
  • Do you have a color chart available for balloon color options?
    Absolutely! We use only professional quality balloons so please reference our color charts below for your color selection.
  • I want balloons on the ceiling at my event, what do i need to know?
    If you’re looking to do a balloon ceiling install, or want to release any balloons onto a ceiling, make sure to check for the smallest of things, such as a chip in the paintwork or a nail that can make a balloon pop, so run your hand across and check for any areas which you think could be problematic. It is also guaranteed that any hot spotlights will pop your balloons. If your room has spotlights, make sure they have been turned off for 2 hours and are completely cool before placing any balloons. Do not turn any lights on that will get hot as this will result in your balloons bursting.
  • Why is there a delivery, set-up, or pick-up fee?
    Our delivery charge depends on the location of the event and starts at $125. While most decor items include a standard setup fee, a separate set-up fee may be charged depending on the complexity of the installation and where special rigging, framework, or equipment is required. Pick-up is when we return and remove the decor and retrieve our equipment, this is not required for all decor items. Our standard delivery fee starts at $125 This applies to: Events within our preferred service areas. Ground-level event space with less than 5 steps in stairs and/or 30ft delivery entrance. Pickup time before 10pm on the same date of the event. Events outside of service areas, multiply steps, flight of stairs, or stories with no access elevator, requiring pickup after 11pm will incur an additional pickup fee.
  • How long do balloons last?
    INDOOR – Many air-filled balloon designs can last weeks indoors! The longevity of the balloons will depend on the environmental conditions of the space. All of our helium balloons will float for at least 3 days if indoors, but typically much longer! OUTDOOR – We cannot guarantee that balloons will last any specific amount of time when used outdoor. The sun, heat, wind, rain, etc., affects the lifespan of the balloons.
  • Can I provide my own balloons?
    This is a great question. Yes! but only if they are specialty balloons with custom printed logos or personalized messages. If they are defective or burst during or after inflation, you will still be charged the full amount for that balloon. We can not guarantee the quality nor speculate about the longevity of balloons not provided by us.
  • What areas do you service?
    As an Orlando based small business, our preferred service areas are within 30 miles of 32819, but we will travel to wherever we are required even internationally!
  • How far in advance should I book?
    Event set up dates and times are first booked first served. To avoid the disappointment of not having your event date or items available, we suggest you contact us once you have secured your venue.
  • How much notice do you need?
    We’re very quick, but notice is always appreciated! The more complex your order is, the more time we will need to execute it. We inflate everything as close to your event as possible, so our turnaround is very quick, but we do always appreciate as much notice as possible!
  • How do I pay for my decor?
    Once your order is finalized, an invoice will be emailed to you that can be paid online with a credit card. Events over 45 days away, a 50% deposit is required to secure your reservation. The remaining balance is due no later than 14 days before your event. Events less than 45 days, Full payment is necessary to secure the booking. For schools, non-profits, and corporations, we understand a check may need to be processed for payment. If payment cannot be made before the event date, a signed contract will be required. A cancellation request must be made in writing by email only. If there is any need to cancel or reschedule the payment will be applied towards your next event within a 12 month period. No refunds are issued however you will have 12 months to reschedule your decor within the same budget.
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